On our last mission to Jamaica, (June 22nd – July 1st) we were able to serve over 250 patients. So many stories left an indelible mark on the team.

With permission I will share one such stories. This is a testament of how far reaching your gifts are. On our second clinic day we had a young mother who brought her 5 months old baby to see the doctor. The waiting area was packed the clinic hot, (no a/c). The baby was unconsolably crying, pastor Fay took the baby to relieve the young mother for a little. We had the baby in our supply room, but the baby kept on crying. We soon found out the baby had soiled her diaper. We went to the mother to get a diaper to change only to find out she had none. We only had adult diapers available, so we cleaned up the baby and creatively applied an adult diaper.

This mother could only afford to purchase one diaper at a time, (in Jamaica you can buy one single diaper as well as a pack). We were able to send this mother home with wipes and some adult diapers she could use.

I return to the States with this experience on my mind. I went back to Jamaica in August and was able to present this young mother with diapers, wipes, baby clothes and formula and additional funds to purchase food supply for her and her house old. My plan is to seek donations from diaper companies, so we can meet these needs as they arise. UNKNOWN

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