On my last visit to Jamaica I stopped by the clinic to do an inventory. I had one of the young men from the community with me. I had difficulty reading a fine print label on one of the medication bottles, didn’t have my reading glasses with me.

I asked the young man to help me out “stating you are much younger than I am, you should be able to see the writing “. He graciously took bottle from me and TRIED to help me out. I noticed that he was having a very hard time reading the label. I started to think, my goodness he must need glasses too, suddenly the young man piped up, “I can’t do this reading very well, I only finished the 6th grade”.

Again, seeing a need and meeting it came into play. Shared the story with Pastor Fay. As a result, we will be starting our first literacy class, providing a second chance to those who were not able to finish school or those who just can’t read. UNKNOWN

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