One of the joys of serving with the Impact Life Team is the ability to spot a need and fill it. We look forward to our school visit every year, for me this year was exceptional. The kids outdid themselves, I fell in love with them all over. We will be assisting five of the children with scholarship funds for their transition to high school for 2018-2019 school year.

Our desire is to stimulate an appetite for learning and create a climate to facilitate that. As we visited the resource center at the primary school we noticed several desk top computers. We were told that they were donated but were not in working condition. The cost to fix them were exorbitant and just would not be feasible.

One of our team members (Mrs. Ann Piccard) took it upon herself to donate a brand-new laptop to the school so that the students could familiarize themselves with this type of technology.
The laptop was presented to Principal Nardel Henry on August 13th, 2018. The following was his written response.

“To God be the glory-great things He has done. On behalf of the Bunkers Hill Primary School want to say whole heartedly thanks to you Impact Life. We were in need and you came and made this need realized with this laptop. It will be used to Impact the lives of our students and to really glorify God by uplifting our students.

Thank you so much Impact Life.” Nardel Henry

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